School History


  1. Our Library was renovated to create a vibrant and conducive space for reading.
  2. The Chinese Culture Room (百味思塾) was set up to provide students with diverse and enriching Chinese Culture experiences beyond the classroom.
  3. We commenmorated our 40th Anniversary with a Thanksgive Service, expressing gratitude for our achievements and looking forward to a bright future.
  4. Embracing our rich culutral heritage, Chinese Cultural Week was held to showcase traditional arts and customs to foster cultural apprication.
  5. Air conditioning was installed in the covered playground.


  1. As we celebrated our 40th Anniversary, we reflected on our journey with deep gratitude: "Passing on faith and hope for 40 years, LKM will shine with love and effort for more years."
  2. Smart TVs were installed in classrooms to enhance the learning experience and promote interactive and engaging teaching methods.
  3. E-reader was introduced to provide students with digital access to a vast library of books and resources.
  4. Mosaic Mural "The Glory of his lights" was made thta symbolizes the radiance of our school community.
  5. In line with our commitment to sustainable practices, solar panels were installed to harness clean energy and reduce our carbon footprint.
  6. The Multimedia Room and PE Store Room were upgraded to enhance the learning environment and promote physical education.
  7. We further improved our sports facitilities by installing a running track, enabling students to engage in various athletic activities.


  1. Theme of the Year: “Act with Discipline, Strive for Improvement
  2. Owing to the increased amount of Form 1 students in Hong Kong, our school opened five Form 1 classes this year. This is planned as a temporary measure, as the school will return to opening four Form 1 classes the following year.
  3. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, our school has closely followed the guidance of the Education Bureau and adjusted teaching modes to attain ‘Suspending Classes without Suspending Learning’. During the peak of the Covid-19 outbreak, students from all forms attended their classes online. As the pandemic subsided, some forms were able to return in person for half-day school. As of 28th May, 2021, permission was granted for all forms to return for half-day school.
  4. The Covid-19 pandemic saw the cancellation of first term examinations. As a result, score weightings for the current year have been altered. Marks obtained during the 1st term will take up 30 percent of the total mark, while marks for the 2nd term will take up 70 percent.
  5. This year, our school was unable to hold many large scale activities including Sports Day, Study Tours, Open Day, Smiles Day etc. Even so, our school has strived to replace them with other activities to nurture students’ sense of belonging and confidence. Furthermore, Form 1 interviews and parents’ night were conducted in an online format.
  6. The 35th Speech Day took place in the school hall on 3rd July, 2021, hosted by Sheng Kung Hui Archbishop Chan Au Ming. Despite the limited amount of attendees, the ceremony retains its solemnity, and we are proud to provide our graduates with an unforgettable experience.
  7. The renovation of the Design and Technology room was completed this year. Through a generous donation from the descendants of Mrs. Monica Lam Huang, our school has been able to purchase equipment to aid in the development of Innovation and Technology education. Additionally, a portion of the donation has been used to establish funds to further assist in the school’s sustained development. The Design and Technology room has further been renamed into the Innovation Nurturing Ground (ING).
  8. Through donations from the descendants of Dr. Paul K. Lam, a brand new scholarship has been established for our graduates to study Medicine, Public Health and other related undergraduate courses.
  9. After many delays and various difficulties, our school lift officially began operating on 16th July, 2021.
  10. Our principal, Ms. Ho Wai Ling, will be retiring in late August after 38 years of service. She will be succeeded by Mr. Chan Chung Leung, who will become our school’s fourth principal.


  1. Theme of the Year: “Act with Discipline, Strive for Improvement”
  2. Miss Wong Lai Fun has taken over as school supervisor starting from 1st September, 2019.
  3. Owing to the social disorder, the Education Bureau has instructed for the cessation of classes beginning from 14th November, 2019 to 19th November, 2019.
  4. As a result of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the school has suspended all classes after the Lunar New year until the end of May. Larger scale activities such as the Form 6 mock examinations, sports day, Form 1 interviews, various co-curricular activities and study tours were cancelled. To avoid affecting students' education on account of the prolonged suspension of classes, the school has resorted to online teaching, in which the transition to it unavoidably affected both teachers and students. Class resumption began on 27th May, 2020 for Form 3 and Form 5 students, while Form 1 and Form 2 students resumed class on 8th June, 2020, in time for end of term examinations. As a result of the 3rd coronavirus (Covid-19) wave in Hong Kong, the school was forced to suspend classes once again after the examination period from 29th July, 2020 to 16th August, 2020. During this time all post-exam activities and graduation ceremonies were called off.
  5. In spite of the ongoing pandemic, the graduation ceremony for the current year was held in the assembly hall on 11th July, 2020, hosted by Professor Wong Bo Choi. Despite being under a simplified structure and having a limited amount of attendees, the ceremony retains its solemnity, and we are proud to provide our graduates with an unforgettable experience.
  6. Our school has received an appropriation of $1,400,000 from the Quality Education Fund. This was allocated to the redecoration of the design and technology classroom, in addition to increasing our equipment inventory as well as redesigning our teaching curriculum to better reinforce the implementation of STEM education.
  7. Our school has acquired an appropriation as part of the 'Improving school space within a limited time' plan proposed by the Education Bureau, and utilized it for the following renovation projects:
    1. Repurposing room 103 as a social workers' room
    2. Constructing two large storage rooms situated on the ground floor of the school building's new wing
    3. Repurposing the assembly hall's changing room as an orchestra practice room
    4. Constructing a storage cabinet on the side of the stage in the assembly hall
    5. Reconstructing the water-proof storage cabinets and book shelves located in the hallway on the ground floor


  1. Theme of the Year: “Hold Fast to Your Ideals, Press on toward Your Goals”
  2. The 35th School Anniversary Musical “BIG” was put on stage at the Jockey Club Auditorium (JCA) of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University on 8th September, 2018 and 9th September, 2018.
  3. The art project named “Heritage. Art. Footprint” was rewarded with the Award for Arts Education by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC).
  4. The Campus TV Studio has been broadcasting school activities highlights and educational videos regularly since the start of the school term.
  5. In order to establish the School Development Plan for 2019-2022, our school has organised a School Development Day on 12th April, 2019. We invited stakeholders of the school to attend and discuss the future development of the school.
  6. Revd. Dr. Lam Chun Wai, after serving the school for 27 years, resigned as school supervisor on the 31th August, 2019 and was succeeded by Miss Wong Lai Fun. His full commitment, timely supervision and unfailing support have been crucial for the effective management and sustainable development of the school.


  1. Theme of the Year: “Hold Fast to Your Ideals, Press on toward Your Goals”
  2. There was a restructuring of school’s functional groups. The number of major functional groups is now 6.
  3. Various events related to the 35th School Anniversary were held, including
    • 35th School Anniversary Fundraising Walkathon (Establishing an eCampus together)
    • 35th School Anniversary Athletics Meet
    • 35th School Anniversary Thanksgiving cum 32nd Speech Day
    • The publication of the 35th Anniversary School Journal
    • 35th Anniversary School Musical (to be held in September 2018)
  4. A time capsule will be sealed during the Thanksgiving ceremony this year. It will be opened during the year of Golden Jubilee in order to connect the present and the future of our school.
  5. With the subsidy from the Quality Education Fund, our school organized an art project named “Heritage. Art. Footprint” and the “Joyful @ School Campaign” programme.
  6. With the subsidy of Mr. Lam Kai Tai, the Campus TV Studio was opened on 22nd December, 2017. The Campus TV Studio was named as “Mrs. Lam Chan Pui Chen Room”.
  7. The STEM HUB (originally Room 301) was officially in use to provide an environment for students to foster their creativity and abilities.
  8. The Career Counselling Room was set up to facilitate teacher-student discussion on career issues and access to information on further studies.
  9. Our school’s Chinese Department has joined the School-based Support Services organized by the Education Bureau.


  1. Theme of the Year: "Be a Wise Truth Seeker, Overcome Yourself and Build Up Others"
  2. A series of celebratory activities for the 35th School Anniversary were held, including:
    • 35th School Anniversary Chinese and English Slogan Design Competition
    • 35th School Anniversary Logo Design Competition
    • 35th School Anniversary Alumni Dinner and Reunion
  3. With a donation of HKD$500,000 by Mr. Lam Kai Tai, we refurbished Room 102 to become the site of our school’s Campus TV. It will be opened at the end of 2017.
  4. Our school’s Mathematics Department has joined the School-based Support Services organized by the Education Bureau.
  5. During this school year, the school has actively promoted the use of e-learning and STEM education. Aside from installing related hardware and setting up a STEM hub, we are also devoted to the training of our teachers in this aspect. We aim to increase our learning and teaching effectiveness and also enhance students’ creativity and ability in scientific research.
  6. During the summer holidays, our School Choir joined the International Summa Cum Laude Youth Music Festival held in Vienna. Our students participated in competitions and performances and also benefitted from various cultural exchanges.
  7. Our school’s Incorporated Management Committee was officially set up on 31st August, 2017.


  1. Theme of the Year: "Be a Wise Truth Seeker, Overcome Yourself and Build Up Others"
  2. We received a generous donation of HKD$700,000 once again from the descendants of Mr. Lam Kau Yui. The donation is used for the reconstruction of the Gym Room, Conference Room and Activities Room. The former two have already been in use since July this year. Part of the donation will be used to subsidise students who join overseas competition on behalf of the school to broaden their horizon.
  3. The Geography and Chinese History departments of our school have joined the School-based Support Services organized by the EDB.
  4. Our school has also joined the second phase of the EDB's WIFI900 scheme. The setting of the Wifi network has been completed and our school has introduced e-Learning to our curriculum.
  5. In order to establish the School Development Plan for 2016-2019, our school has organised a School Development Day on 5th April, 2016. We invited stakeholders of the school to attend and discuss on issues about the future development of the school.


  1. School theme: "Commit to the Mission, Make Your Life Abundant"
  2. In view of our students' concerns about the Umbrella Movement, the school held a discussion forum to address the social issue. Students showed positive and rational response, with a few individuals participating in a short-term class boycott.
  3. The school continued the "Quality School Improvement Project" of The Chinese University of Hong Kong for school-based professional support.
  4. The External School Review was conducted by the EDB in May, 2015.
  5. The School History Room and Multifunction Room were officially launched on 5 Dec 2014 and 4 Jul 2015 respectively. Former school supervisor Dr. Gennie Lee and Rev. Dr. Lam Chun Wai officiated the opening ceremony.
  6. Rooms 201 and 202 were converted into Staffroom 3 and Staffroom 4.


  1. School theme: "Commit to the Mission, Make Your Life Abundant"
  2. With the establishment of Incorporated Management Committee (IMC), "Objectives" was amended to "Vision and Mission".
  3. The following values were established as the core moral values of our school: caring, integrity, commitment, self-discipline, perseverance, ideals and justice.
  4. The school joined the "Quality School Improvement Project" of The Chinese University of Hong Kong for school-based professional support.
  5. The school's Liberal Studies department was sponsored by the Quality Education Fund to enhance assessment literacy and cater for learner diversity through the Clouds Learning Platform and related devices.
  6. With the 1 million donations from Mr. Lam Kau-yui's descendants, our school facilities were improved by updating all the audio-visual equipment in hall, renovating student activities room, building a school history room and a counseling room.
  7. The school re-laid the computer networks and virtualized the server, so as to make the use of information technology more high-speed and environmental friendly.


  1. The school theme “Remake Yourself, Soar to New Heights” was carried over from the previous academic year.
  2. A series of celebratory activities for the 30th school anniversary were held:
    - 30th Anniversary Open Day cum Dedication Service of the School Chapel
    - 30th Anniversary Athletics Meet
    - 30th Anniversary Staff Development Day & School Banquet
    - 30th Anniversary School Journal publication
  3. “Beyond Limits Award Scheme” scholarship awarded 16 students, 2 teachers and 3 activity groups as the first batch of winners.
  4. “F.1 Enhancement Scheme” was launched with an aim to arouse their interest in learning languages, mathematics and science.
  5. To enhance teaching and learning effectiveness with technology, the school computer network system was updated.


  1. School theme: “Remake Yourself, Soar to New Heights”.
  2. 2012 was a double cohort year of the A Level and New Senior Secondary Curriculum. There were altogether 35 classes (Four classes in Form 1, five classes each in Forms 2 and 3, six classes each in Forms 4 to 6, and three classes in Form 7), with 1163 students in total.
  3. Students who sat for the last Advanced Level Examination and the first Diploma of Secondary Education Examination graduated together at our 26th Speech Day.
  4. Starting from this school year, the annual Speech Day would be moved to the end of the academic year, i.e. July. Therefore, there were two Speech Days in the 2011-2012 school year.
  5. To foster a greener and more eco-friendly environment, the school had applied for a number of small-scale renovation projects to the Environmental Protection Department. Grants were offered by the Department for replacing the air conditioners on first and second floors, and laying a heat insulation layer on the roof.
  6. We held a series of celebratory activities for the 30th anniversary of the school:
    - 30th Anniversary Slogan Design Competition
    - 30th Anniversary Logo Design Competition
    - 30th Anniversary Alumni Dinner
    - 30th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service
    - 30th Anniversary Mosaic Wall Painting Design & Production
  7. Thanks to the generous donation of the Lam family, Room 101 was converted into a chapel.
  8. Initiated by our alumnus, Mr. Wong Chung Hang, the “Beyond Limits Award Scheme” became the first Alumni Association scholarship. The scholarship was set up to encourage students’ participation in open competitions so as to broaden their horizons and provide them with more opportunities to succeed.


  1. School theme: “Be the Light and Salt, Let Goodness Permeate Throughout”.
  2. To better implement the New Senior Secondary curriculum, the timetable was restructured for a 9th period. The Day 2 assembly was moved to the afternoon to make room for a wider range of OLE activities.
  3. The school joined the Voluntary Optimisation of Class Structure Scheme launched by the EDB to optimize teaching and learning and help alleviate the tension generated by class reduction in Shatin. Commencing 2011-2012, the school would start cutting one class from S1 and extend it to other levels progressively year by year.
  4. Our application for a lift was approved by the EDB.
  5. The Lam Kau Mow family donated $177,000 to the school for hall facility and musical instrument upgrades.


  1. The school theme was carried over from the year before: “Unleash your Potential, Exhibit Love and Discipline”.
  2. The New Senior Secondary curriculum commenced, with six S4 classes of around 33 students each.
  3. The following improvement works were carried out to facilitate learning:
       -- The social worker’s office and the teachers’ lounge were converted into classrooms.
       -- The social worker’s office was relocated to the PTA and Alumni Office.
       -- The PTA Office and the Alumni Office were relocated to the changing rooms under the stage in the hall.
       -- Soundproof windows and exhaust fans were installed in classrooms in the annex.
  4. The Walkathon and the Raffle Ticket Sale held in December 2009 and March 2010, respectively, collected more than HK$350,000 in phase two of fundraising for the New Open Space.
  5. The volleyball court and the Grandma Dorcas Garden in the New Open Space were officially opened. The new ground also featured a lawn for leisure activities and a field for hands-on teaching.
  6. Funded by the Environmental Protection Department, regular lights were replaced with T5 power-saving fluorescent tubes and a green rooftop was built to not only save energy and reduce carbon emissions but also serve as an important teaching resource.
  7. With support from the Quality Education Fund, the school set up a smart card system to streamline administrative work.
  8. Lam Hoi Shing was the first student from the school to score 9As on the Hong Kong Certificate Education Examinations.


  1. School theme: “Unleash your Potential, Exhibit Love and Discipline”.
  2. The school extended its school-based Liberal Studies curriculum to S3 in anticipation of the New Senior Secondary curriculum.
  3. The Putonghua curriculum was extended to S3.
  4. The school-based New Senior Secondary Curriculum was finalized with the objective of providing students with a wider selection of subjects.
  5. The Whole Person Development Scheme was implemented in junior forms to enrich students’ other learning experiences.
  6. Accelerated classes were launched in S2 and S3 to cater for learner diversity.
  7. Supplementary examinations were held during the summer holidays and revision classes were conducted after-school.
  8. The following improvement works were carried out to facilitate learning:
       - The Activities Room was converted into 3 classrooms.
       - The Computer Room in the Library was converted into a small classroom.
       - The rear of the covered playground was partitioned into an Activities Room and a Multi-purpose Room.
       - The Student Union Office was converted into an English/Putonghua Chat Room.
       - The Student Union Office was relocated to the minor staff quarters.
  9. The school’s New Open Space, with an area of 1,200 square meters, was officially opened on 20th April 2009. The school raised more than $290,000 in the first phase of the fund-raising activities for the construction of a volleyball court and a garden for students.
  10. Funded by the Environmental Protection Department, two electricity-generating systems, one driven by solar power and the other by wind energy, were built. The systems not only helped save electricity but also served as important teaching resources.


  1. School theme: “Beyond Excellence in Character and Performance”.
  2. The Silver Jubilee musical, Our Story, was put on stage at Tsuen Wan Town Hall.
  3. The Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving Service cum 21st Speech Day was held at Shatin Town Hall.
  4. The Silver Jubilee School Journal was published.
  5. The Lam Kau Mow Art Gallery was opened.
  6. An accelerated class was launched in S2 to cater for learner diversity.
  7. Mr. Lai Nai Pang retired as the principal of the school in August and Ms. Ho Wai Ling, vice-principal, succeeded him. Mr. Lai had served the School as Principal for 15 years.


  1. Silver Jubilee school theme: “In Faith We Explore New Frontiers, With Love We Search for Stars.”
  2. The Fountain Pool was completed in November 2006 in celebration of the school’s Silver Jubilee.
  3. The Silver Jubilee School Development Day held in December gathered all stakeholders to draw up the blueprint for school development.
  4. The Silver Jubilee Sports Day was held in February 2007.
  5. The Silver Jubilee Mosaic Mural was completed in March 2007.
  6. The Silver Jubilee Fun Fair and the Alumni Dinner were held on the same day in April 2007. The 50-table Chinese dinner, attended by alumni from years past, brought back sweet memories and rekindled school spirit.
  7. Small class teaching began in junior English classes. Liberal Studies was introduced in S1.
  8. The School-based New Senior Secondary curriculum was put forward for discussion.
  9. An external school review was conducted by the EDB in April 2007.


  1. Dr. Gennie Lee retired as school supervisor in January 2006 and was succeeded by Rev Lam Chun Wai.
  2. Anglican (Hong Kong) Secondary Schools Council Limited was founded and became the sponsoring body of the school.
  3. Tong Ka Man (7A) scored 5As on the 2006 Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination.
  4. All S1 students started their school year in the new school uniform.


  1. The morning reading session was launched.
  2. Equipment for DNA experiments was made available for the Young Scientist Scheme.
  3. The school joined the EQ Ambassador Scheme, a volunteer work programme for students.


  1. The Project Learning Curriculum was introduced to S1, S2 and S3 students.
  2. The school jointly organized the “Love and Care Carnival” with the PTA to raise funds for ORBIS.
  3. The school held the New Uniform Design Competition.


  1. 20th Anniversary school theme: “Show our Passion, Light the Fire of Life.”
  2. The Sculpture Garden and the Sculpture Gallery featuring students’ artwork were built to commemorate the school’s 20th anniversary.
  3. 3. The school celebrated its 20th anniversary with an Open Day, a Thanksgiving Service, and the publication of the 20th Anniversary 謀篇/In Focus.
  4. The SARS outbreak acutely affected both teaching and activities as classes were suspended in April.


  1. Sponsored by the Quality Education Fund, the school launched the “Sculptures in Blossom” programme and built its second Multi-media Learning Centre.
  2. Classroom computerization was made possible with donations from Mr. Tam Wing Ming and Mr. Tam Wing Yeuk. All classrooms and special rooms were equipped with computers, projectors and computer consoles.
  3. The hall was air-conditioned.
  4. The Chinese Choral Speaking Team came first in their division and won the Dr. Kwong Kai-to Trophy at the Hong Kong Music and Speech Festival.
  5. 5. The Cross Country Team was the Overall Champion (A Grade) at the Interschool Cross Country Competition organized by the Shatin and Sai Kung Secondary Schools Area Committee (HKSSF).
  6. The school took part in the AFS School Hosting Programme for the first time.
  7. Lo Pui Yu, Chan Fong Chun and Wong Kwun Chung, upon completion of their F.6 studies, were admitted to university through the Joint University Early Admission Scheme that started in 2001-2002. Lo Pui Yu was also the first student from the school to score 8As on the Hong Kong Certificate Education Examinations.
  8. Shum Nga Wan was awarded the United World College Scholarship to study in Canada for two years.


  1. The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) was set up. The School and the PTA jointly organized a walkathon to raise funds for air-conditioners in the hall.
  2. 2. The School Orchestra was founded through the “Music Bonanza Scheme” sponsored by the Quality Education Fund.
  3. The School launched “F.3 Project Learning Day” and the “Pull-out Enrichment Class” concurrently with the former enabling students to further develop their generic skills and the latter nurturing gifted F.2 and F.3 students.
  4. The school organized its first English study tour to Melbourne, Australia.
  5. Ho King Man and Choi Man Wai had their artwork selected for the 11th Kanagawa Biennial World Children's Art Exhibition.
    Lau Pui Sze, Tam Mei Man and Choi Hiu Shu won the Best Work in Group C Award at the Asia-Pacific Student Art Exhibition.


  1. The Alumni Association was established.
  2. The school set up an intranet.
  3. Home Economics and Design & Technology were made compulsory to all F.1 students.


  1. The school held its first Alumni Day.
  2. Lam Shun Yan won the Gold Award at the 10th Kanagawa World Children's Art Exhibition.
  3. The first Multimedia Learning Centre was built and the classroom computerization project commenced. Projectors were installed in 13 classrooms and special rooms.
  4. The first issue of 謀篇/In Focus, a collection of student essays in Chinese and English, was published.
  5. Mr. Simon Chaplin was recruited as the school’s first NET (Native English-speaking Teacher).
  6. The performance appraisal system and the peer learning scheme were introduced for teachers’ professional development.
  7. An educational psychologist from the Sheng Kung Hui rendered service to the school for the first time.


  1. The school held its first Activity Day, which was later renamed the Annual Open Day.
  2. The school became an EMI (Using English as a Medium of Instruction) school approved by the Education Department and organized the first S1 English Bridge Programme for the newcomers during summer.
  3. The Swim Team broke 3 records at the Inter-school Swimming Championship organized by the Shatin and Sai Kung Secondary Schools Area Committee (HKSSF).
  4. The school choir won first in the Mixed Voice Choir Section (SATB) of the Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Festival.


  1. The school was officially wired.
  2. The Language Laboratory was built with a donation of $500,000 from Mr. Tam Po Shum.
  3. The annex was completed and named Mrs. Lam Kau Mow Building. The Mrs. Lam Kau Mow Building Dedication Ceremony cum Special Room Naming Ceremony was held.
  4. Classrooms and special rooms not covered by the School Insulation Programme (EPD) were also air-conditioned.
  5. The school’ 15th Anniversary Celebrations featured the Thanksgiving Service cum Speech Day, the Carnival, the Reunion Dinner, and the publication of the 15th Anniversary School Journal.
  6. The first issue of 【謀篇】, a collection of student essays in Chinese, was published with funding from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.
  7. The streaming policy in junior forms was scrapped.


  1. The school joined the School Administration and Management System (SAMS).
  2. Ground was broken for a 3-storey annex as part of the School Improvement Programme.
  3. The English Choral Speaking Team won first in their division and took home the Cheung Yan Lung OBE JP Trophy at the Hong Kong Music and Speech Festival.
  4. Lee Po Yee was awarded the Chief Commissioner's Guide Award.
  5. The teacher’s handbook of extracurricular activities was published.


  1. The Student Union was established.
  2. The boys’ handball team was the Overall Champion (Grade A) at the Hong Kong Inter-school Handball Competition.
  3. Chung Chi Hang, Tang Ho Man and Ngai Kun Kit represented Hong Kong at the Junior Commonwealth Handball Championship.
  4. Fu Hoi Wing was the Junior Individual All-round Champion in Junior Session (Men) at the All Hong Kong Inter- School Gymnastics Competition, and the Individual All-round First Runner-up in the age 11-16 group of the International Schools Gymnastics Competition.
  5. The All Round Development Scheme was launched.
  6. Air-conditioning was provided for some classrooms and special rooms under the School Insulation Programme of the Education Department.


  1. The School Band was set up.
  2. HK School Net provided Internet facilities for the school.


  1. The Student Union Preparatory Committee was set up and a democracy wall was erected.
  2. A 3rd S6 class was incorporated and Liberal Studies was first offered to S6 students.
  3. The school published the 10th anniversary School Journal.
  4. Mrs. Maria Poon, the founding principal, emigrated to Canada in August 1993. Mr. Lai Nai Pang succeeded her as the principal with Mrs. Gennie Lee as the school supervisor.


  1. The school celebrated its 10th anniversary with an Open Day and a variety show.


  1. The play “Lost Horizons” won the Best Script Award at the Shatin Drama Festival 1991.
  2. The symmetrical class structure was adopted from S1 through S5. A 5th S1 class was added.
  3. The school adopted a 7-day cycle teaching timetable.
  4. Mak Kam Lun and Fung Kin Fai were each awarded the Chief Scout's Award by the Scout Association of Hong Kong.


  1. The “Big Brother and Sister Scheme” was launched.


  1. Library service was computerized.


  1. The first issue of the school newspaper “Rendezvous” was published.


  1. The first Speech Day was held on 12th July 1987 with the Most Rev Peter Kwong officiating at the ceremony and Dr. Chiu Hin Kwong addressing the congregation.
  2. The Drama Group won the Best Actor and the Best Visual Effects awards for the play “Thank you, Comrades!” at the Shatin Drama Festival.


  1. The first Sports Day was held on 9th March 1984 at the Shatin Sports Ground.
  2. The Four Houses – Faith, Hope, Love, and Effort – were established.


  1. Inaugural school day. The first School Opening Ceremony was held at S.K.H. Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School.
  2. The Prefect Team was founded.
  3. The Girls’ Handball Team was the Champion of the Hong Kong Inter-school Handball Jing Ying Tournaments.
  4. The School Inaugural Ceremony cum Dedication Thanksgiving Service was held, with the Most Rev. Peter Kwong officiating at the ceremony and Mr. Lam Yat Min unveiling the Mr. Lam Kau Mow Statue.