School Vision and Mission
School Vision
To be a school offering to students a holistic and quality education basing on the ethos of Christian whole person education as propounded by the Anglican Church, inculcating in them good moral virtues, intelligence, physical fitness, gregariousness, aesthetics, and spiritual well-being.


School Mission
Living up to our motto of “acquiring knowledge and practising with determination”, we are committed to:
  • offering quality education with a well-balanced academic curriculum as well as  a comprehensive life education programme to groom students to be passionate lifelong learners with exemplary conduct
  • providing opportunities for students to unleash their potential and work to their full capacities
  • fostering a caring culture in school and maintaining a high standard of purposeful pastoral care for all students
  • building a learning community devoted to professional development and collaboration among the teaching staff
  • adopting a shared and inclusive governance model through collaboration and communication