The school emphasizes the development of the six educations of morality, intelligence, physique, group, beauty and spirituality. The development of the five educations except intellectual education belongs to the areas of student support and personal growth. The relevant policies and activities are implemented in four groups. They are: discipline group, life education group, co-curricular activity group and religious group.

In the early stages of enrolling in our school, the school will pair up with a big brother or sister for Secondary One, so that freshmen can learn about the school’s cultural background as soon as possible. The brothers and sisters will also take care of the academic and adjustment conditions of the students in a timely manner.

In line with the seven core values ​​of the school, each group will design and arrange different types of head teacher classes, moral education classes, morning meetings, fellowships or other activities according to the different stages of students, so that students can grow physically and mentally.

The school provides many different types of co-curricular activities. Students can participate in according to their personal interests. In addition to serving the community and developing personal interests, they can also develop their leadership skills.

Student growth will always experience a lot of stumbles, and the school will assist from the side, combine discipline and assistance, be strict but not harsh, and guide students to become good citizens.

For students with learning needs, in addition to providing learning assistance, teachers also design or arrange suitable activities for relevant students to improve students' learning and social difficulties.