Promotion of Reading

The school is committed to developing a reading habit in students.  Through reading, students broaden their knowledge and polish their thinking skills, enabling them to think from different perspectives and understand different cultures.

Morning reading session is a staple in the school’s regular timetable. Besides the fun of reading, the session offers students an opportunity to build a reading habit and improve their comprehension.  Teachers and students share good books in some sessions, too.  A school-based extensive reading scheme is launched to motivate students to read different types of books.  In addition, the school invites writers to share with our students regularly.

The school also organizes a variety of reading activities every year.  In these activities, students apply and transform what they have learned from reading while displaying their creativity.  The school organizes "the Battle of Books" every year for junior form students so that they enjoy the fun of reading and the exiting competitions.  F.4 students design and run booths in "Reading Bonanza" and recommend good books to junior form students to promote the reading atmosphere.