SKH Lam Kau Mow Secondary School
Gifted Education
  1. Annual Work Report
    (a) Annual Report 2010-2014
  2. (b) Newsletter To Parents 2012
  3. Record of students participating in off-site gifted programmes/ activities
  4. School-based pull-out gifted curriculum/ programmes
  5. (a) English AA classes
    (b) Young Scientists Scheme
    (c) Wednesday Science Group (2012-2014)
    (d) Project Element (2009-2012)
    Album 1 Album 2 Album 3 Album 4
    (e) Hong Kong Mathematics Olympiad training
    (f) Hong Kong Physics Olympiad training
  6. School-based whole-class gifted education (subject-focused) : BSCS 5E model in science (2014-15)
  7. Sharing in EDB Seminar 2015: gifted education provision in Lam Kau Mow
  8. Gifted education talk to Shatin Parents on perfectionism & underachievement of gifted learners (2012)
  9. (a) Programme rundown - 10 Mar 2012
    (b) Perfectionism and academic performance
    (c) Frequent reasons for underachievement
    (d) Test for perfectionism
  10. School-based gifted education magazine (2006)
  11. Enrichment Project for academically bright students (2000-2002)
  12. Gifted education resources & support in Hong Kong (websites)
  13. Gifted education resources & support overseas (websites)