Celebrating Our 30th Anniversary

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Slogan Competition (Winning List - English, Chinese)

Walking through 30 years with God's love,
Forging ahead with Grace from Above.
三十而立  學子經綸滿腹
主恩常存  黌門桃李飄香

Feb 2012
Logo Competition Feb 2012
Souvenirs April 2012
Mosaic Mural April - Oct 2012
Alumni Reunion Dinner(Set-1, Set-2, Set-3, Set-4, Set-5 19th May, 2012
30th Anniversary Thanksgiving Ceremony (Set-1, Set-2, Set-3) 7th July, 2012
30th Anniversary Open Day cum Dedication Service of the School Chapel 7th, 9th Dec 2013
30th Anniversary Development Day 8th Mar 2013
30th Anniversary Dinner 8th Mar 2013
30th Anniversary Athletics Meet (Set-1, Set-2, Set-3, Set-4) 20th - 21st March, 2013
30th Anniversary Magazine Jul 2013
Ming Pao Supplement 4th Dec, 2012