Recommended Films
Name of film Relevant topic
Fanny's Journey Jewish children in WWII
Darkest hours (2017) British history (Churchill)
Dunkirk (2017) WWII
Emperor World War II (American Perspective)
Diana British monarchy
Lincoln American Civil War
The Iron Lady British History
Hugo French History
The King's Speech World War II (British Perspective)
Confucius Chinese History
Bruce Lee, My brother Hong Kong movie industry in 1970s
Troy Trojan War
300 The Battle of Thermopylae (Spartans VS Persians)
Gladiator Rome
Spartacus Rome
Kingdom of Heaven The Crusades
Modern Times Industrial Revolution
The Patriot The American War of Independence
Glory The American Civil War
The Last Samurai The opening of Japan to the West
Pearl Harbor World War II
U-571 World War II submarine warfare
Saving Private Ryan World War II (D-Day)
Enemy at the Gates World War II (Germany VS the USSR)
Letters from Iwo Jima World War II (Japanese perspective)
Flags of our Fathers World War II (American perspective)
Schindler's List Jews in World War II
The Pianist Jews in World War II
The Hunt for Red October The Cold War
The Last Emperor The final days of the Qing Dynasty
Henry V England VS France
Hitler: The Rise of Evil Hitler
Gandhi Indian Independence
World Trade Center Terrorism
United 93 Terrorism
Munich Terrorism
Thirteen Days The Cuban Missile Crisis (The Cold War)
Crimson Tide US VS Russia
Courage Under Fire The Persian Gulf War
The Manchurian Candidate The Persian Gulf War
1492: Conquest of Paradise Christopher Columbus
Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth I
The Queen Queen Elizabeth II
The Ten Commandments Moses