Art club is a place for students to explore the world of art. Students can try to make their own artwork with different materials, like epoxy resin, over-glaze.

Your creativity can be unleashed by participating the workshops. It is also a place for those who love art. Whether you are studying visual arts or not, you still could join the art club. A place that aspires you always.

Whole Year event

Over-glaze on bowl
Christmas decoration
Paper clay making
Coaster making
Pendant making
Tote bag design

Comments by the last chairman —— Doris Tang

My expectation of the art club is that members enjoy themselves in the club. Their ideas and creativity can be inspired. Also, i hope all events can be held successfully, especially the Christmas decoration. As we have decided to make something different this year, to 'build' our own christmas tree.

I am glad to be the chairman of the art club. Although it is not easy to arrange the workshops. I enjoy working with my committee. Art club is the best place where i can enjoy art and gather new ideas from the others.

There is much room for improvement like the allocation of workload, feasibility of work shops and purchasing materials. We should be well-planned before we start the workshops, to avoid too much left over materials.

Being responsible is important for a committee member because you are working for the whole club. You should also be prepared, and remember your intention to join the club. i hope the activities in the next year would be more innovative and inspiring to the members and all students in school.